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Innovative design and service

MIM Engineering is a leading engineering firm in Bayswater offering a comprehensive range of products and services. We provide engineering solutions across a range of industries, and promise professional expertise, innovative design, premium quality, and highly reasonable rates. 

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Design and manufacture

Engineering tools and designs

MIM Engineering is an engineering firm offering complete solutions, from conception to design and manufacturing. Whatever your industry, we can optimise your processes with:

  • machinery
  • machine parts
  • specialist equipment
  • customising of existing equipment
  • repairs too damaged or manufacturing of new parts as required
  • generall fabrication and welding repairs of mild steel, stainless steel & aluminium


Engineering solutions

Engineering mechanism

MIM Engineering's engineering solutions can modernise processes and maximise efficiency and productivity across numerous industries, including:

  • agriculture
  • mining
  • manufacturing

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Comprehensive services

Engineering tools

If efficiency, productivity, and reliability are what you seek, then we can help. We're a one-stop solution that will meet your goals with efficiency, skill, and expertise.

We have the equipment to manage most projects completely in-house, the items that we can not produce inhouse will be sourced from suppliers that we have a close working relationship with and are like minded in the supply of quality product.which means better cost control for you, and a quality final product.